Real Women. Real Stories.

Meet 3 women chosen from our #Jon RenauGetsReal Topper Contest to share their hair loss journey and be a Jon Renau Topper Model. These women represent each stage of hair loss wearing multiple toppers with different amounts of coverage.



Stage of hair loss: Beginning Hair loss begins in a diffused pattern on top of head; minimal loss

Toppers: easipart french 18” | easipart xl 18”

  • Emily
  • Emily
  • Emily
  • Emily
EasiPart French 18" - 6RN
  • Emily
  • Emily
  • easiPart XL
  • easiPart XL placement

Q&A with Lauren

  • How was your experience with hair loss before you started wearing toppers?

    Lauren: Before wearing a topper I was insecure about my appearance. I would look at my profile in the mirror and see how thin my part line was becoming. I tried every type of mousse and teasing technique I could think of to disguise it. I would look with envy at women who could wear cute up do's or beach waves and know that my thin hair would never quite achieve the same look. As my clothing business grew, I started posting more pictures of myself on social media. My eyes didn't even notice the clothing; they went straight to my hair. I knew I didn't want to use a hair loss drug that was full of chemicals to help my situation but didn't know there was a better option. 

  • How did your experience change after you started wearing toppers?

    Lauren: The first time I tried a topper it was an instant boost in my self-esteem.  I felt I could have the hair I had always wanted. My hair looked full and long and I felt gorgeous. The owner of the shop where I bought the topper helped me clip it in and I felt confident that no one would be able to tell it wasn't my hair. The first time I put it on in my own home I was self-conscious that I hadn't blended it well and that people would notice. It took a few tries before learning how apply it correctly and blend it into my own bio hair. My first topper was an easiPart XL HD. I now wear an easiPart XL in human hair. I love the look of the human hair topper because I can easily style it straight or with big curls! 

  • What advice would you give anyone experiencing hair loss for the first time?

    Lauren: Don't wait to try a topper or wig! If you feel insecure about how your hair looks, there is a solution and a way to help you feel confident in your appearance. I truly wish I hadn't waited so long before trying a topper. It's transformed the way I feel about myself! My next piece of advice would be to find a professional who can help you find the right topper in the right color for you! Also, a professional stylist can cut your piece to blend it into your own hair style which will make you feel even more confident! There are options in helping with all stages of hair loss so don't live your life feeling less than absolutely amazing about yourself!