Real Women. Real Stories.

Meet 3 women chosen from our #Jon RenauGetsReal Topper Contest to share their hair loss journey and be a Jon Renau Topper Model. These women represent each stage of hair loss wearing multiple toppers with different amounts of coverage.



Stage of hair loss: mid/progressive Hair loss becomes more noticeable, may start to see more scalp

Toppers: Top Form 18” | Top Style 12”

Emily Before
Emily After
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  • Emily
  • Emily
  • Emily
Top Form 18" – 4RN
  • Emily
  • Emily
  • Top Style
  • Emily
Top Style 12" – 4RN

Q&A with Emily

  • How was your experience with hair loss before you started wearing toppers?

    Emily: After receiving my official alopecia diagnosis at 16, I was in a lot of denial. I hoped that if I didn't notice or care about my hair, then no one else would notice or care. Unfortunately that wasn't true. In high school, college and as an adult, people would say unkind things to me or ask why I had so little hair. I suffered from an extreme lack of confidence and I was devastated by my situation. I honestly felt like less of a person because of my condition. I felt like I had completely lost control and there was nothing I could do to regrow my hair.

  • How did your experience change after you started wearing toppers?

    Emily: My very first topper was the Mono Long. I purchased it on a recommendation from a hair friend I had met in an online hair community. I felt like a movie star when I put that topper on. I was so happy with how something so simple transformed me! I remember looking at myself in the mirror and finally being happy with how my hair looked. I hadn't had that feeling in years! In the end, this topper didn't provide enough coverage for my amount of hair loss, but I wore it for a time in ponytails and updo’s. Eventually, I tried and fell in love with the coverage that Top Secret provided. And now my new favorite is the gorgeous human hair topper, Top Style. I love how many options Jon Renau offers for all different types of hair loss!

  • What advice would you give anyone experiencing hair loss for the first time?

    Emily: I can honestly say I didn't live life to the fullest until my late 20’s. Do not be like me! I so wish I could go back and try wearing hair sooner! I was just so scared and unsure of where to go or what to try. It took me way too long to come around to the idea of wearing hair. Learn from my mistakes and try it sooner. I recommend finding a community or help through social media. As a result of finding hair loss friends, I finally had the guts to buy that first topper. It does take some trial and error to find the right piece for you, but be patient. You will find something you're happy with! I feel better now at 31 than I ever did at 21. I am completely at peace with my alopecia and I am the happiest I've ever been. After such a rocky journey, I can finally say that I completely accept and love myself just the way I am. I owe that in big part to wearing hair!