Women’s hair loss needs have been on the rise, surpassing the men’s hair loss industry. So why offer the same methods and solutions from 20+ years ago? Traditional methods of attachment can narrow your base options and ties your client into having to shave their existing hair. Due to the lack of “skin to skin” attachment all traditional methods of attachment can lead to lifting and potential hair loss. Grafting is secure and safe.

Market research conducted by Jon Renau shows that 90% of women do NOT want to shave their head, they feel a loss of dignity and confidence.

Invisible Hair Grafting is the first and only method of hair attachment that is doctor recommended, allowing women to enjoy their normal lifestyles while still maintaining a high level of comfort and security. Take this opportunity to analize your business and ensure you’re offering the most innovative women’s hair replacement solution on the market today.

  • Learn who this is for
  • How to create a positive client experience for new and existing clients not wanting to shave their head
  • Watch a live demonstration of Invisible Hair Grafting by Dawn Harrison

About Dawn Harrison

Dawn has specialized in non-surgical hair addition for more than 20 years. For as long as she can remember, she has had a burning passion to help “hair challenged” women and those hair professionals who provide solutions to these clients.

It became her obsession to develop a method of attachment like no other, allowing permanent attachment without shaving. Dissatisfied with the available methods of attachment for women, Dawn invented “Invisible Hair Grafting”.

She obtained two U.S. Patents for her unique method of attachment, as well as her “Invisible” hair additions in 2001. U.S. Patent # 6,561,197 and U.S. Patent# 6,688,315.

Dawn has built a very successful Women’s Hair Replacement Studio that focuses on Custom Hair Systems, Premium Human Hair, Hair Grafting and Loyalty Programs. It is her “calling” to educate hair restoration professionals on the benefits of her revolutionary discoveries.