CORE Academy is a two-day education event solely focused on hair replacement and highlights the new direction of this industry. 
This program offers a complete portfolio of courses taught by industry experts in their own area of expertise. 



Core Academy

rewriting the story of hair replacement with cutting-edge techniques

  • Shanna Moll

    Shanna Moll

    Owner of

    Shanna Moll Studio

    Austin, TX

    c l a s s

    Women's Long

    Hair Bonding

  • Kendall Fuqua

    Kendall Fuqua

    Owner of

    Beyond Basics Hair Restoration

    Wilmington, NC

    c l a s s

    Toppers :: Captivating the

    client in the beginning

    stage of hair loss

  • Juan Cardenas

    Juan Cardenas

    Owner of

    Salon Juan

    Seattle, WA

    c l a s s

    Creating molds & templates


    Men's hair replacement

  • Sarina Smetak

    Sarina Smetak

    Custom Order Specialist at Jon Renau

  • Sabrina Gutierrez

    Sabrina Gutierrez

    Education Coordinator at Jon Renau

c l a s s

Designing the perfect

custom order

  • Lisa Minervini

    Lisa Minervini

    VP Product Development at Jon Renau

  • Carla Najar

    Carla Najar

    Brand Manager at Jon Renau

c l a s s

Marketing - client experience

  • Margarita Olontseva

    Margarita Olontseva

    Marketing Specialist at Jon Renau

c l a s s

Marketing - social media