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What's your Summer Style?

It all starts with the perfect blowout!



Blown Away is the perfect partner for your perfect blowout

Adds shine, smooths cuticle and protects from UV and Heat

Apply a small amount  of Blown Away Smoothing Balm to clean, damp hair

Now, what style are you looking for?


easiPart XL HD 18inch_6_Alt4SMOOTH & SLEEK


Argan Smooth Argan Mist 2oz


Apply Argan Treatment Mist through hair; blow dry smooth with paddle brush






Work in 2” sections and flat iron



easiPart XL 12inch 12FS8_Alt3


Boho Beach Mist


Spritz 2-3 pumps of Boho Beach Mist onto damp hair, diffuse or “rough dry” hair







Once dry, curl hair using 2” sections, leaving out ends





BOUNCY BLOWOUTeasiPart XL 18inch_6RN_Alt3


Weightless Volumizing Foam


Apply 1-2 pumps of Weightless Volumizing Foam throughout clean, damp hair






Using a round boar bristle brush, blow dry 2” sections to create volume and body. Set with “cool” shot button to lock in style





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