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At the age of thirteen, Headline It! inventor Jodi Pliszka was stricken with Alopecia Universalis, which caused her to start losing her hair. By the age of 20, Jodi was rendered totally bald.

Frustrated by the sweat that would come from wearing a wig while mastering Tae Kwon Do, Judi put together 3 layers to craft the first sweat absorbing headwear liner known today as Headline It! healdline series








The liners STOP SWEAT from rolling into and burning your eyes! The liners hold up to for times their weight in sweat, while evaporating on a continual basis, keeping the head COOLER in the summer and WARMER in the winter. The back SMS layer traps the oils, salts, and odors, helping to protect your favorite caps, wigs, and headwear items from salt, stains, and odors.

Layer 1

  • 50/50 viscose, polyester
  • This layer absorbs perspiration and wicks it into the liner, stopping it from running into your eyes. (Headline IT! Has been tested and approved for sensitive skin.)

Layer 2

  • 70/30 viscose, polyester
  • This layer is even more absorbent, pulling the perspiration and impurities into the next layer

Layer 3

  • Spunbound, meltblown, spunbound
  • This layer filters out oil, salt, and odors while the perspiration evaporates leaving impurities in the liner, NOT in your HELMET or HEADWEAR item.


  • Controls sweat, stains, and odors during summer and winter
  • Evaporates sweat on a continual basis, keeping the head cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
  • Increased comfort for those with sensitive skin

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