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The Secret to a Beautiful Human Hair Blowout

Blowdrying a human hair wig can be challenging and different techniques will lead to a variety of results. Follow this step by step tutorial for Jon Renau's way to achieve a simple yet beautiful blowout.


Tools: Canvas block head, t-pins, wide tooth comb, argan smooth treatment mist, clip(s), round boar bristle brush, blow dryer with nozzle, Jon Renau versatile 3-way hairspray.



Step 17-steps-to-a-blowout_13

After washing with argan smooth luxury shampoo & conditioner, secure wig to canvas block head using t-pins. Pin at ear, tabs, & nape






Step 2

Towel bolt excess water





Step 3

Apply Argan Smooth Treatment Mist from mid-lengths through ends, gently detangle using your wide tooth comb






Step 4

Section hair. Starting at the nape, smooth using a round boar-bristle brush





Step 5

Using a medium-high heat setting, dry section completely working in a downward motion





Step 6

Direct hair into the desired shape and use your “cool shot” button set. Follow these steps as you continue working upward






Step 7

Once hair is dry and styled, lightly mist with versatile 3-way hair spray for lasting hold





  • A round boar-bristle brush grabs onto the hair to create slight tension, allowing you to achieve smooth, shiny hair
  • Directing the round boar briste brush under or over at the ends and hitting hair with the “cool shot” button will help add volume and curve
  • Argan Smooth Treatment Mist will help to smooth, add shine and cut down drying time
  • If flat irons or curling irons are to be used, be sure to protect the hair with the Heat Treat Thermal Spray


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