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Real Women, Real Stories: Maureen

This month we asked our customer Maureen to share her story with us.

Maureen 2

Jon Renau has been very important to me. My first experience with a wig wasn't something to be happy about. I never felt pretty wearing it; that wig always made me feel like a fake and I started getting these terrible headaches during the day. After a while my headaches became severe migraines, so going outside on bright sunlight wasn't something I wanted to do. My daily routine became very unpleasant, and I stopped going outside because I'd have to wear my wig and that was very painful.

I believe it was a Tuesday morning during my stay in South Africa that my friend told me to go wig shopping with her because the wig I was wearing wasn't good for me. My skin started showing infected areas and blisters on my head. My old wig had damaged the skin on my head so bad that my skin became infected and there were blisters everywhere.

We went to a wig store in Johannesburg and as I walked into the store there she was, the queen of all wigs, Blake in 14/88H; she was staring right back at me. I was drawn to her like a magnet. I could hear her say my name and my heart skipped a beat. As I tried her on I immediately felt so feminine, so gorgeous and so happy, I wouldn't take her off. My first experience with Jon Renau Blake was like love at first sight.

I'm wearing my third Blake right now and I feel so pretty every day, she makes me feel invincible and super powerful. Blake changed my nightmare into a wonderful dream that I dream over and over and over again. I hope others will feel the same as they wear a Jon Renau wig or hairpiece.

My next wig will be a Blake in a dark brown color. I used to be a brunette so my next Blake will make me feel like the old me, I'm positive about that. I like to show others that hair doesn't define you, it’s the way you look at yourself that defines you, and that's what empowers you. I don't need my Blake to be myself; I like me with my bald spots, however, she is a part of me.

The Jon Renau Blake is a wig that fits perfectly, you can wear every hairstyle you want and she doesn't itch. As I had to say goodbye to my beloved Blake because she was at her end I tried a different brand, Ellen Wille. I can't say that I wasn't happy wearing my Ellen Wille wig, but it wasn't my Blake, not even close. I felt like I was cheating on my Blake.

The Jon Renau Human Hair products are amazing and I can imagine that a lot of people are very happy with them just like I am. There is something for everyone.

Maureen on Instagram: @maureendjvg

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