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Real Women, Real Stories: Kellie

This month we asked our customer Kellie to share her story with us.

Kellie Green photo Kellie top shot

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Kellie and I am almost 46 years old (although, on good days I still feel 21!).  I live in Essex which is about 12 miles from London in the UK with my husband and 3 boys who are all way too grown up and make me wonder where the time has gone!  I am a Corporate Communications Manager for a large beauty and cosmetic goods company, which sees me keeping very busy with extensive travel.  In my spare time I love to do anything that makes me smile!  This includes time with my family and friends, socializing and generally living life to the full.  I am an outgoing, cheerful and optimistic kind of girl who simply loves life!

Around 12 years ago, following quite a long and drawn out illness I was unfortunate enough to lose my hair.  Aside from the illness itself, I can honestly say that this caused me more devastation than I could ever explain.  I have always taken a pride in my appearance, tried to follow the latest trends and made the effort to look as groomed as I can – losing my hair had an enormous impact on me and it also saw me lose my confidence and in some ways, my zest for life!

What do you love about our brand?

Discovering Jon Renau was a dream come true!  Having never really looked into the world of wigs and hairpieces before I tentatively took my first steps into the unknown and made an appointment with a local stockiest.  They could not have been more helpful and I left with my new hair, new look and a renewed spring in my step.  Kellie was back!  Over the coming months and years I tried a number of new looks and actually came to embrace my wig wearing.  During this time my health improved and my hair began to grow back – however it was extremely thin particularly on top.  I learned a lot over the years about wigs and hairpieces and prior to this I would have assumed that there was no hope for a woman suffering hair loss on the top of her head other than the full wig …….. and then I discovered the Easipart range!  This was a life changer for me.  I wanted the long flowing locks but also the feel of something that was my ‘own hair’.  Something that I could wash and style and that I didn’t have to take off at night.  With this in mind I went for some micro ring extensions – a dream come true!  However, the only way I could ensure that this looked natural was to cover the top.  Enter my amazing Easipart!!!

I cannot begin to find enough words to enthuse about the Easipart – it literally is the best invention ever for those with thinning hair.  Made of real or synthetic hair (I’ve tried both but for long term I recommend investing in the real hair), this hairpiece has a parting that even to the trained eye would be hard to work out it wasn’t actually growing from your head!  I feel so confident these days and wherever I go I always get complimented on my hair.  It really is my crowning glory!

The thing I love most about the Easipart is the way it can be styled just like your own hair.  I like to put some heated rollers in mine sometimes for a soft loose curl, or pin it up for a different look.  It falls so naturally and feels so secure with the 4 clips that are already sewn discreetly inside.  I have been out in all weathers, high winds and even in a soft top car without the fear of the Easipart moving!

If it is extra volume that you are looking for then look no further than the Easipart – it really has changed my life!

What advice would you give to a new wig or hairpiece wearer?

If I had to offer advice to anyone thinking about buying a wig I would say – try before you buy!  Find a good stockist and work out what style you feel comfortable with (or even range of styles – don’t be afraid to have new looks!).  Once you get past the initial fear of wearing a wig it can be so much fun – let’s face it, how else could you get a perfect head of hair, a new look, salon style and color in a length and shape of your choice?  Don’t be afraid to try new things with your wig – maybe a little backcombing or a slight trim to the fringe (this might take a bit more nerve as once it’s cut, it’s cut!).  I have found that if I blend my own fringe (albeit very thin) with the actual wig it looks so much more natural.

Always choose a good make of wig.  Don’t be tempted to buy online as there is no way you can know that the wig is right for you without trying it on first.  Of course, once you find a brand you trust then it is fine to go ahead and order further replacements but I would always recommend you go for an established and trusted brand.  Personally, I don’t think there is any better on the market than Jon Renau and I cannot thank them enough for giving me my confidence and zest for life back!

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