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Steps for reviving human hair wigs and pieces

Improper care of alternative human hair can lead to tangling and matting of your piece. Take a look this step-by-step process our team takes to revive human hair wigs and other hair pieces.


Assess the problem areas:

  • Tangling and matting at the nape;
  • Dry and frizzy hair;
  • Hair reversed inside of cap.



Pin the wig to the canvas head:

  • Use t-pins to secure at the top of each ear tab;
  • Pin at the bottom of each ear tab;
  • Pin at the outer corners of the nape area.



Begin the detangling process:

  • Separate the hair into small sections to begin the detangling process in the extremely matted areas;
  • Separating into small sections allows you to have more control in that area and does not put as much tension on the hair when brushing/combing through.



Condition the wig:

  • Combine Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Contioner with 2-3 pumps of Argan Treatment Mist;




  • Blend products in your hands





Rub the products into the matted area:

  • Apply the mixture to the affected areas;
  • Avoid applying too much or getting near any hand tied areas.




Detangle one more time

  • Gently begin to comb the tangles out in small sections;




Wash your wig:

  • Next step is to perform our recommended cleansing process for human hair systems;
  • Using cool running water, use Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Shampoo and rinse;
  • Then apply Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Conditioner throughout mid-strands and ends, then rinse.



Deep condition the wig:

  • After the wig has been cleansed, you will begin the deep conditioning process;
  • First, brush through the wig with Jon Renau Paddle brush.





  • Next, apply Jon Renau Luxury Smooth Conditioner and 4-6 sprays of Jon Renau Argan Smooth Treatment mist through the hair avoiding the base of the cap.





  • Finally, apply low heat around the hair with a blow dryer for about 1-2 minutes;
  • Once deep conditioning process has been completed, rinse the wig with cool running water.



Blow dry:

  • Once your wig cap is completely dry, re-dampen the hair.
  • Gently brush through the hair and apply Jon Renau Blown Away Blow Dry Balm. This will help to smooth the cuticles and protect against UV damage.




  • Use a round Boar Bristle Brush to blow dry.




Style as desired:

  • For this piece we used Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray to protect the hair from heat damage and curled the hair with a curling iron.





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