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Retailer Spotlight: Amparo Josefina Resendiz Dorantes






PLAZA MONARCA: Auriga 8 Loc. 11, Col. Prado Churubusco, Alcaldia. Coyoacan, C.P. 04230, CDMX | 7045.8877

PLAZA VICTORIA: Renato Leduc 220 Loc. 7 PB, Col. Toriello Guerra, Alcaldia. Tlalpan, C.P. 14050, CDMX | 7261.5778

PLAZA MILLSTONE: Constituyentes 809, Loc. 5, Col. Del Valle, Municipio De Santiago, C.P. 76190, Queretaro, Mex | 5548.00.55.557


How long have you been in the alternative hair business?

24 years

What inspired you to start this business?

Helping Oncological and Trichotillomania patients.  I really feel inspired to help them.

What kind of services do you offer?

I provide advice to clients to help them select the ideal wig.

What advice would you give to someone looking to purchase a wig or topper for the first time?

Before providing any advice, we listen first. We understand their needs and based on those factors, we recommend the ideal wig in order to cover their needs.

What is your favorite Jon Renau piece?

Top Full 18 " (Topper) and Kim (wig)

You are CORE certified, what would you say to someone who has not yet attended?

Do not stop your growth (Both personal and business). Keep your knowledge updated.

What changes have you seen in our industry in the past 5 years?

The wigs have lighter density, which makes them look more natural, and fit better.

What do you believe is ONE of your success factors?

Providing service to the customers and listening to them.


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