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Removing Frizz From High Heat Synthetic Fiber

Removing frizz from High heat synthetic fiber

due to the nature of high heat synthetic fibers, frizzing can occur. Frizzing is caused by friction as well as tension or pulling in the fiber.

Items Needed:

  • Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler
  • Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray
  • Flat iron
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Canvas block head
  • T-pins

Step 1:

remove frizz

Secure system on canvas block head with t-pins. Assess the level of frizz. If frizz and tangling is mild, try flat ironing first.




Step 2:

remove frizz copy2

Avoiding the cap, spray 3-5 pumps of HD Smooth Detangler focusing on mid lengths to ends. Comb with Jon Renau wide tooth comb.




Step 3:

remove frizz3

Start at the nape, take a 1 inch section and apply steam for 3 seconds to damaged areas. Allow to cool and dry completely.




Step 4:

remove frizz4

To protect fiber from heat tools, spray Heat Treat Thermal Spray (1-2 pumps)





Step 5:

remove frizz 5

Flat iron fiber (270° - 280°F)





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