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Real Women, Real Stories: Christi

1Tell us a little about yourself 

I am 34 (in June), a wife of almost 10 years and a mom to a beautiful daughter and handsome son. I’m a musician and singer and it’s a passion in my life. But mainly my passion has always been to inspire and help others. I love road trips. I love a good mix CD and a good drive. I’m also a huge Disney lover.

2. How long have you been wearing wigs or hairpieces?

I’ve had alopecia areata for 20 years. But I’ve only been wearing wigs for just over a year. I had extensions prior but didn’t wear them much as my hair was falling out very fast and unable to hold the extension clips.

3.   What advice would you give to a new alternative hair wearer?

  1. Watch as many videos as you can. I’m still an avid YouTube review watcher. It helped me learn so much about hair and what to do and not do. Watch a few different reviewers to see how wigs look different on each person.
  2.  Join a supporting hair loss group or community. The support in these groups for this journey means so much to know you are not alone and have thousands of women who are or have been in your shoes. You will make meaningful relationships!
  3. Get Jon Renau HD detangler spray and a wide tooth comb and keep them in your purse or car at all times!
  4. If you wear wigs get a wig grip immediately! Your wig won’t go anywhere!
  5. No one can tell!!!! I’ve been wearing hair for over a year and VERY OPEN about my hair loss and wigs, and people are still finding out and can’t believe it! I change colors and styles almost daily! You think people will notice but they really just think you are getting your hair done a lot and they will want your hair!!
  6. Be open to trying something different and fun. I went to a wig shop to buy brunette and bought blonde!  I’ve always changed my hair a lot so it wasn’t a huge change but it can be very liberating to try something new for a new season.
  7. Make sure to wash and care for your wigs to the manufacturer's standards. 😀

4.      What do you love about our brand?

I love the heart of Jon Renau!! I love Jon Renau’s colors, variety of wigs, and styles.  I LOVE Jon Renau’s hand tied caps. I was nervous if they would fit my big head (22.75-23” circumference) but if anything they are the best fit for my huge head.

I also love how their website is set up and how they offer so much for this industry. From support, to hair, to products, even to an educating department to help hair wearers learn and grow.

They don’t just make wigs... they are a brand and set apart in this industry as an influencer.


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