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Real Women, Real Stories: Alesandra

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Alesandra Lauro. I live in the small town of San Pedro, California. I am happily married to the love of my life. He has given me the greatest joys in my life, our two daughters ages one and two.

My hair loss journey has been very long. I had my first encounter with Alopecia at the age of eight when my mom found a quarter size bald patch. Doctors had her convinced I was under some sort of stress. It wasn’t until high school, that we began digging deeper. I started thinning throughout my scalp, never seeing my scalp so easily before, I was concerned. I was officially diagnosed with Alopecia Areata after having a biopsy of my scalp. I was told I would always have patches of hair come and go.

That was the case until pregnancy. I lost most of my hair during my first pregnancy at 24. It grew back when the baby was born. At age 26, pregnant with baby number two, is when my life chanced forever. I lost all of my hair including body and facial hair. I was now told I have Alopecia Universalis. I was officially a bald and young new mommy of two.

How long have you been wearing wigs or hairpieces?

I began wearing extensions in my early 20’s to add fullness to my thinning hair. I turned to toppers at 24 when the thinning on the top of my head became to hard to conceal with hairstyles and hair illusion powders/sprays. I purchased two Jon Renau toppers to start out with and they were life changing. they gave me my confidence when I was going through the emotional roller coaster of hair loss. when I went to purchase my first full wig I knew the only way to go was with a Jon Renau. I bought Fiery (synthetic) which is still one of my favorites. Soon after I bought Carrie (human hair) and Zara (synthetic).

What advice would you give to a new alternative hair wearer?

Wigs changed my life and they can change yours too, whether it’s a choice for change or needed due to hair loss. Take a family member or a trusted friend to assist you in selecting. Purchasing can become overwhelming, having a support system helps in more ways then one. TAKE YOUR TIME. Do your homework, visit as many wig salons as you need, and do what’s in your heart. Trust me and all of these other beautiful women sharing, you can not go wrong with Jon Renau.

Wigs also make me feel normal again. I’m no longer self-conscience about my appearance. I know that I look good with my fake hair human or not! Wigs offer many choices—and the choices are what it’s all about. Wig out with me ladies—and rock your world. It’s fun!!!

What do you love about our brand?

I love so much about Jon Renau. I feel that Jon Renau is an honest brand looking to continuously educate hair wearers. Constantly evolving to bring women new styles, the most comfortable cap options, and color selection. Jon Renau is quality! Purchasing one of their pieces will be life changing in the most positive way.


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