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Jon Renau's Favorite Fall Colors

favorite fall colors

Jon Renau color is second to none. Our outstanding color selection uses multi-tonal blending to replicate the vibrant natural shimmer of healthy hair. We offer tipped, layered, streaked, shaded, and highlighted color options to give every woman the look she wants. Here are some our favorite picks for this fall season!

Left: 14/26S10  Med Natural-Ash Blonde & Med Red-Golden Blonde Blend, Shaded w/ Lt Brown

Middle top: 32F Dk Natural Red, Med Red & Med Golden Blonde Blend w/ Dk Natural Red Nape

Middle bottom: 4/27/30 Dk Brown, Lt Red-Golden Blonde & Red-Golden Blend

Right: 6F27 Brown w/ Lt Red-Golden Blonde Highlights & Tips


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