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  • Meet Marina Rose

    Meet Marina Rose

    Name: Marina Rose Position/Role: Quality Control Specialist At Jon Renau since: October, 2018 Tell us about...
  • Meet Briana Leithoff

    Meet Briana Leithoff

    Name: Briana Leithoff Position/Role: Customer Service Rep At Jon Renau since: August 2018 Tell us about ...
  • Meet Sarah Krzemien

    Meet Sarah Krzemien

    Sarah wearing Blake in 6RN Name: Sarah Krzemien Position/Role: CSR At Jon Renau since October 2018  ...
  • Meet Carmen Nichols

    Meet Carmen Nichols

    Tell us about yourself I’m of Palestinian heritage, Canadian born, and a U.S citizen. I love my childhood gro...
  • Meet Jasmine Churchill

    Meet Jasmine Churchill

    Name: Jasmine Churchill Position/Role: Client Service Representative At Jon Renau since: March 2018   T...
  • Meet Chanel Peddicord

    Meet Chanel Peddicord

    Name: Chanel Peddicord Position/Role: Client Service Representative At Jon Renau since: (month and year) Mar...
  • Meet Devora Maximova

    Meet Devora Maximova

    Name: Devora Maximova Position/Role: Senior Graphic Designer At Jon Renau since: March 2016   Tell ...
  • Meet Margarita Olontseva

    Meet Margarita Olontseva

    Name: Margarita Olontseva          Position/Role: Social Media & Marketing Coordinator At Jon Renau since:...
  • Meet Annabeth Barre

    Meet Annabeth Barre

    Name: Annabeth Barre Position/Role: Ecommerce Account Specialist At Jon Renau since: February 2018 Tell u...
  • Meet Stephanie Perkins

    Meet Stephanie Perkins

    Name:  Stephanie Perkins Position/Role:  Art Director At Jon Renau since: June 2016 Tell us about yourself....
  • Meet Jan Kettle

    Meet Jan Kettle

    Name: Jan Kettle Position/Role: Chief Operations Officer, COO At Jon Renau since: October 2017 Tell us abou...
  • Meet Sabrina Gutierrez

    Meet Sabrina Gutierrez

    Name: Sabrina Gutierrez Position/Role: Quality Control/Logistics Specialist At Jon Renau since: 3/2016 Te...

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