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Meet Maria Carranza

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I started working at Jon Renau in 2016 as a CSR. I usually spend my free time with my fiancé and my family. I have two beautiful dogs that I adore! One of my biggest passions in life is traveling, I always enjoy experiencing new places and different cultures.  

What is your personal motto?

“If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take” – Alice in Wonderland. This quote inspired me to pick up my bags and move to Texas for 3 years. Best decision I have ever made.

How long have you been working at Jon Renau?

Exactly a year ago!

What is your favorite wig or hairpiece?

I love my easiXtend, I feel like a mermaid every time I wear them.

 What is your proudest moment at Jon Renau?

I spoke to an end consumer over the phone once, she had started to lose her hair because of chemo and all she wanted was to feel normal again. We went through all the options she had and by the end she picked out a human hair piece that was similar to her hair style when she was in her 30’s. She sent me an email 3 weeks later wearing the piece and man did she look radiant! She was so confident, and killing the game with her new hair. I was really happy I got to be a part of that J

If Jon Renau was a person, who would it be?

She would be fierce, confident and always slaying. Basically Beyoncé.

What do you like most about the company?

I enjoy working for a bigger cause, the fact that Jon Renau cares so much about the woman and her hair loss journey is what makes me proud of working here.

 What do you find the most challenging at Jon Renau?

Trying to get my clients to understand the importance of stocking pieces. If you are shopping for something so intimate and personal you have to feel it, try it on and make sure you look great in it. The experience should be similar as trying to find the perfect wedding dress, you want to make sure it is "The One".