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Meet Devora Maximova

Name: Devora Maximova

Position/Role: Senior Graphic Designer

At Jon Renau since: March 2016


Tell us about yourself. 

On an average day, you might find me being inspired by my surroundings, setting my clocks minutes ahead so I make it on time to all the places a seven-year-old needs to be, aiming to intertwine some of my Bulgarian heritage into the daily of said seven year old, cooking, having hops centric adventures with my hubby, reading, debating if I have the right quarterback in for fantasy football, avoiding single use products because I love my planet, and keeping my creative fire burning through drawing, painting, and freelancing. Also, writing run on sentences.  

What is your personal motto?

I keep a black post-it with gold writing directly in front of me at work with the words “stay ready”. It emerged as a joke but really, it stays close to me heart. To me, it means so many things. Stay ready to be inspired in unexpected places (currently obsessing over construction cranes, fog and Morse code), stay ready so there’s nimbleness in my work, stay ready during challenging times because the winds can change at any moment and then stay ready to rise to the occasion when those winds do change.

Tell us about your Jon Renau journey.

I started working at Jon Renau about two and a half years ago. I remember hearing about CORE and thinking “What a fantastic way to grow your business— to empower your clients through education that elevates their business from all aspects”.  And so, it has been terrific being part of this progressive program, working with our talented education team. I started as a Graphic Designer and am currently the Senior Graphic Designer in our Art Dept.  I am always on the hunt of ways something can be evolved so my journey here which started with CORE and email marketing now also includes the introduction of textile collections, packaging of wet goods and hair products, giving our ambassador program its own visual identity, catalogs and more. One of the most important aspects of my time here at Jon Renau, is how incredibly grateful I am that I get to do all this surrounded by such a group of kind, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, amazing women. They are my continuous reminder of the integral part a friendship based team culture plays in the success of any project. 

What has been your proudest moment at JR?

Something I take great pride in is the Jon Renau textile print collections that we began launching last fall. It’s an especially meaningful project for me for many reasons, from seeing an opportunity to create something fun and special for our clients to driving the project to fruition. It tugs at my love for researching, as each collection has its own inspiration, mood and personality. And having a background in fashion design and fine art satiated the artist in me. As an artist, one always pours their all into their work, and seeing the loving response from my team and clients has been so heartwarming, making that feeling of pride even sweeter.

What is your favorite wig or hairpiece?

My favorite wig is Julianne because she has the curl pattern I’ve always dreamt of that my bio hair will never have. The length is flattering and short enough so that I don’t experience tangling from contact with clothing. I feel fresh and spunky so it’s no surprise it’s my go to.


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