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Meet Carmen Nichols

Tell us about yourself

I’m of Palestinian heritage, Canadian born, and a U.S citizen. I love my childhood growing up in Canada, I come from a big family and have 21 1st cousins! We are all over the world now, from the Middle East, to the U.S, Europe and Asia. We are a tight knit group, and keep in touch regularly. Prior to joining Jon Renau, I was a fundraiser for humanitarian and environmental organizations. What few know, is prior to that I was fundraising for political firms. I worked on several campaigns for congressmen and women, including our current Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi. That experience, made me realize I am not cut out for politics! I happily left and joined campaigns I believed in! I love spending time with family, doing anything in the sun, and dancing to D&B music. Raising awareness for causes I support and believe in, whether they are humanitarian, environmental or animal treatment issues, is my greatest hobby. We are raising our kids with this important foundation.

What is your personal motto?

Education is power, and we NEVER stop learning!

Through knowledge, we can change things, improve things, direct/guide, just continue to evolve and grow as a society that is inclusive, and respectful to our differences.

Tell us about your Jon Renau journey

I started at JR close to 5 years ago as a CSR. I am still part of the CSR team, however my responsibilities have evolved into CORE Coordinator and I assist the Employee Engagement Team as well. I did transition to the Ecommerce Division and briefly Hair Replacement, however the CSR role fits me best! I’ve learned that my patience, compassion leads me as an employee, wherever I go, and learned how to use this as a strength.

What has been your proudest moment at JR?

I’m proud every day, when I pick up the phone and say Thank you for calling Jon Renau, this is Carmen……. I love how we find solutions to help people within the hair loss community. We genuinely care, and it shows!

What is your favorite wig or hairpiece?

The easiPart, it is a FABULOUS way to conceal premature gray!!


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