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Meet Carla Najar

Name: Carla Najar

Position/Role: Marketing Manager

At Jon Renau since: March 2015

Tell us about yourself.

I’m originally from Peru but I’ve been living in Southern California for almost 17 years. Lima saw me growing up as an only child and becoming a carefree teen. Los Angeles gave me my first job, my first degree, my first car (and my first very expensive traffic ticket!). San Diego enabled me to emerge as a professional, find my soulmate, and become confident with who I am.

I love having friends all over the world and also hate having friends all over the world. Traveling and having big reunions with old friends is one of my favorite things to do and the best way to celebrate life! Also, I hate cooking.  

What is your personal motto?

“Never say never”. Because you never know where life is going to take you and I’d like to keep an open mind – always.

Tell us about your Jon Renau journey.

I started as the Social Media Marketing Coordinator 2.75 years ago. One day, Lisa (we all know who she is) sent me off with one task: to create a social media plan for JR – from scratch, without details but probably with very high expectations. Shortly after, I was offered the Marketing Manager position and have overseen all the marketing initiatives since then.

What has been your proudest moment at JR?

Whenever someone in my team says “I think we should shorten/streamline/simplify/bullet point the text in xyz.” I’ve been trying to convince my team to do exactly that on all our marketing communications since day 1 so when I hear them saying that it’s like music to my ears!

What is your favorite wig or hairpiece?

Zara. Her tresses remind me of my hair when it was long. I’ve had long hair for about 90% of my life.


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