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Meet Alicia Giglio

Meet Alicia Giglio, our VP of Sales!


Tell us a little bit about yourself

After working in the fashion industry for 20 years, I started working at Jon Renau|easihair in 2013 as the Sales Director.  I am honored to work for a company and in an industry with so much passion and heart.  The products we create and sell transform the way women look and feel.  I am incredibly proud to be a part that process. In my free time, I love traveling, reading  and  spending time with my family and friends, usually near a beach or at a sporting event.

What is your personal motto?

I have two:

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

“What you focus on is what you see. “

How long have you been working at Jon Renau?

Almost 3 years.

What is your favorite wig or hairpiece?

At the moment it is Easipart XL.

What is your proudest moment at Jon Renau?

As a company we are laser focused on product innovation and education to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the needs of women suffering from hair loss.  I am so proud to be part of a team that has the ownership each employee has in working towards those goals. 

If Jon Renau was a person, who would it be?

She is relentless in finding hair loss solutions that are natural, stylish and make her feel beautiful inside and out!

What do you like most about the company?

Every day I am inspired by our Jon Renau team.  We are heavily invested in education and product innovation always with the end consumer in mind.  I love that every decision we make is based on how much we listen to and care about our clients and the end consumer!

 What do you find the most challenging at Jon Renau?

I wish everyone in the industry was as committed to education and product innovation as we are.   We do a tremendous amount of market research to ensure that our product innovation is meeting the needs of today’s end consumer.  There is a disconnect in our industry with regards to how the retailers obtain information on what today’s emerging end consumer is seeking and what is being carried in some brick and mortar stores.  The evolution of our industry over the past 5 years dictates a tremendous amount of education to successfully deliver an exceptional client experience.  The most challenging part of that is the reluctance some retailers have to change and to the education required to be successful in today’s industry to remain relevant and successful.  

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