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Mayo Clinic Store - CORE Spotlight June Winner!

We want to congratulate our CORE Spotlight winner - Mayo Clinic Store in Arizona!


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We reached out to Lisa Rokicki from Mayo Clinic to ask her about her experience with our CORE certification:

What was one thing you learned at CORE?

I learned a great deal of information from CORE and it is difficult to pick just one.  The most informative part of the class for me was learning about the factory and how Jon Renau came to develop the mix of Indian and Chinese hair in their wigs.  I love to share with my clients how much effort and time is put into making a wig and developing the best product and mix of grade A human hair possible.  The clients are always in aw when I tell them it takes three days to make a hand tied wig!

What surprised you the most when you were in class with us

I was surprised the most by the amount of new information that I got out of this class.  Being someone who has worked in the industry for 10 years as a wig maker and retail sales the class was beyond basic and challenged me even though I have many years of experience.  The other employees in our store whom are new to wigs were very surprised by how realistic the toppers and wigs look.

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What was the one thing you’ve changed after you’ve attended CORE?

Since I attended CORE I have been a part of opening up a new boutique at Mayo Clinic Arizona.   We strive to provide a private environment, and an in-depth consultation providing the best experiences for our clients.  CORE 1 taught me many good techniques on improved client consultation to provide them with best alternative hair solution for them.  I have completely changed my consultations so that I allow more time and focus to make sure I can provide the best service and wig for my clients.

What would you say to a wig business that has never attended CORE?

CORE offers information that you cannot possibly know by just ordering in wigs and fitting clients.  You will learn information helping you understand how the wigs are made, the benefits of the different cap construction, fitting and styling techniques you may not be familiar with and what makes Jon Renau different from some of the other major wig companies out there.  Also there is a very good section on how to have a proper consultation with your client that is extremely helpful.

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