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How to wear the hair tutorial

The hair we wear

At Jon Renau, our focus is to provide the most natural looking, easy to wear hair loss solutions to help give confidence to the everyday woman. From our quality craftsmanship to our color blends, we are proud of every single product we introduce. Why? Because we test everything ourselves - "if we won't wear it, why would anyone else?"

We invite you to experience Jon Renau for yourself! After all, it's the hair we wear.


How to wear the hair

THE WRAP: If you have long biological (existing) hair and want to wear a full wig/system, the best wig cap for you is our fishnet wig liner

step 1:

hair we wear 1


Place fishnet wig liner around neck



step 2:

hair we wear2


Create center parting, cross at nape



step 3:

hair we wear


Begin pinning one section in a circular pattern, keeping below the top plane of head



step 4:

hair we wear4


Do the same with the other section, going in the opposite direction




Step 5:

hair we wear5


Bring wig liner up and over hair; secure in back by tying ends




Step 6:

hair we wear6


Apply your wig, adjust placement and style as desired




Watch how to put on a wig on our YouTube Channel!

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