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The Hair We Wear Story by Maja

This month we asked our end wearer Maja to share her story with us


Tell usMaja - June 2016 (2) a little about yourself

My Name is Maja. I'm 34 years old and for the past six years I have been hairless because of Alopecia Totalis. The first 2 years were very difficult.

How long have you been wearing wigs and Jon Renau for?

 I have been wearing wigs for four years but I have never felt 100% satisfied until an American College told me about a brand from the USA called Jon Renau. Finding Jon Renau wigs wasn’t easy in Germany. I was only able to find one store, and since last summer I have been wearing Zara and Amber.

What do you love about our brand?

 I love that it looks absolutely natural. The lacefront is perfect. I love that with Jon Renau I finally feel perfect and beautiful. Whenever I tell people that I am wearing a wig, I always get the same reaction: "Are you kidding?!" Zara and Amber really changed me!

What advice would you give to a new wig wearer?

What advice I would give to a new wig wearer? Create a new you!! Don't hold on to the old you! Let it go. Even when your hair comes back, the experience you had have changed you anyways! Don't waste your energy trying to look like you used to look before. You are wasting your time! Take the chance and all your energy to create something new, to find your peace with this situation. And if people look at you, look back at them and smile. It will make you happier than you were before!

And to be honest to myself, my real hair never looked as perfect as my Jon Renau hair does! :)

Maja on Instagram: @majalabee

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