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Heat Defiant (HD) hair care lessons from Lita Razo, Jon Renau's Quality Control Specialist



Last week, a very unhealthy Flame in 4/33 arrived at our door. The mission was to remove all her tangles and frizz and restore her healthy luster and look. Lita, Jon Renau's Quality Control Specialist, took on the challenge and succeeded!  Check the before and after image below:

flame before and after


Below are the steps Lita followed to eliminate the frizz and tangling from this Heat Defiant (HD) synthetic wig, and restore its true body and shine:

-  Sprayed the ends of the wig with Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler Spray

-  Working from the ends up, gently combed as much of the tangles out using a wide-tooth comb

-  Set the flat iron to 275 degrees F. Working in 1” sections starting at the nape, slowly flat ironed the hair following with a comb; repeated 2-3 times per section

-  Combed each section to continue smoothing the fiber. Continued working up the section until all ends were smooth again

If frizzing is excessive, the Jon Renau Steamer can be used after flat ironing for extra smoothing.


*Do not use a flat iron on any synthetic fibers (steamer only). The above method is intended for High Heat (HD) Synthetic Fibers ONLY.


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