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Hair Curiosities

travel kitHere are a few hair curiosities that you may find interesting and surprising!


1. It's a myth that hair continues to grow after death

2. Hair is the most common forensic evidence

3. The word shampoo comes from the hindu-urdu word "champna" meaning to "massage"

4. It takes only 13 days for grey hair to appear from stress or signs of aging

5. Trichoptilosis: the scientific term for split ends

6. The average lifespan of an eyelashh is 150 days

7. Black hair is the most common hair colors

8. Scotland has the highest proportion of red-heads living in a country (13%)

9. Hair absorbs oil out of water and was used in the recent gulf oil disaster to clean up oil spills

10. A balanced, healthy diet works hair wonders


Featured in The Link Issue 9