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The Great Cut: Join Us March 16th!

Are you planning on joining us on March 16th? Here are a few things you need to know!

Greetings from Jon Renau, Premier Sponsor of The Great Cut

As a company focused on crafting products that improve people’s lives, Jon Renau proudly supports Children With Hair Loss.  We’re the ones who are getting your hair to make natural-looking and comfortable wigs that will put smiles on the faces of hundreds of children who need hair. We pride ourselves on providing wide-scale availability of high-quality hair solutions to men, women and children, transforming lives and instilling a healthy confidence. There is nothing that could be more in line with achieving this than partnering with CWHL.

Last Year

In 2018, approximately 700 wigs were made by Jon Renau for CWHL. Almost 260 lbs. of hair were used to create all these wigs. The Regina wig, which is the wig style created after CWHL founder, Regina, takes about 3 weeks to be crafted from start to finish. The specialized cap design of this wig alone takes 4 days to make.

Longer is Better!

12” of hair is required for the donations but, of course, longer is better.

When trying to gauge how long your donation will be, remember to measure starting where the hair will be cut, not from the top of your head.

Prepare Your Hair

Now that you have decided to donate, and from now until March 16th, please avoid chemical treatments, harsh styling products or excessive heat styling to keep the hair in the best possible condition. No need to have your hair trimmed prior to the event – every inch counts!

 The Day Of

Please arrive with freshly washed, brushed, dry hair, and with no product in the hair, preferably. Typically, your hair will be sectioned into several parts to create small bundles. Each section will be secured with a hair tie near where it will be cut and braided. It will then be secured again at the bottom of the braid to ensure no hair is wasted or falls out.

When You Donate at The Great Cut

You can rest assured we are going to take care of your hair! Jon Renau’s commitment to excellence encompasses all our endeavors – from the innovative products we develop to the partnerships we cultivate. It is our privilege to partner with CWHL and augment its life-changing gifts to children with hair loss.


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