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All About easiPieces

We are so excited to introduce our newest product: easiPieces!

Designed with an undetectable low profile, these clip-in hair pieces add subtle, balancing volume that complements any topper for a full, natural look!

easiPieces are made with the highest quality remy human hair on slim polyurethane base designs. They are available in 3 hair lengths + 3 widths and are sold individually to customize any look!

We're going to show you how to choose your own easiPieces so that you can create your own custom full-volume hairstyle. We'll also give you tips on how to apply them, so you can feel confident that your look is completely seamless and secure. Let's get started!

 How-To: Choose Your easiPieces

Step 1: Color

Find the color that best matches your biological hair or topper using the Jon Renau human hair color ring.

The color of your topper and your easiPieces do not necessarily need to match. You can choose different colors for each of your easiPieces, depending on where you plan to clip them. For example, the hair at your nape area is generally darker than the hair around your face, so you can choose the colors of your easiPieces to reflect that.

Step 2: Length

Determine the length of easiPieces needed by measuring from the middle of the back + sides of your head to the end of your biological hair or topper hair.

If you are in-between lengths, choose the longer length. This can be trimmed by an alternative hair specialist.

Step 3: Width

Based on the areas that need more volume, choose your correct width. If you need some guidance, these are our recommendations on which sizes fit best on the different areas of the head:

4” width – Sides of head  |  6” width – Nape area  |  9” width – Crown area

How-To: Apply Your easiPieces

 Start by sectioning your biological hair with a comb. Apply your easiPieces first and your topper last.

If you are applying easiPieces to all three areas of your head, start with the nape area and clip the top portion of your hair out of the way. Continue in this manner with the crown area and sides until all your easiPieces have been applied. You can then apply your topper to finish your look!

For additional security and grip, we recommend lightly backcombing your bio hair and spraying with our new Pick Me Up Dry Shampoo. The dry shampoo gives the hair texture and makes it easier for the clips to stay attached.

To learn more, watch our step-by-step video which demonstrates how to choose and apply your easiPieces. Watch the video here.


EasiPieces color availability:

1B, 4, 4RN, 4/27/30, 4/33, 6, 6RN, 6F27, 6/33, 8, 8RN, 8/30, 10H24B, 12/30BT, 14/24, 22MB, 27B, 27MB, 31/26, 33, 613RN, 12FS8, 12FS12, 14/26S10, 22F16S8, 24B/27CS10, 24B613S12, 24B18S8, FS2V/31V, FS4/33/30A, FS6/30/27, FS17/101S18, FS24/102S12, FS26/31S6