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For a mom on the go, wearing alternative hair can have some extra challenges. It can be difficult to find time for touch-ups in between work, practices, and playdates. Many of our Education Ambassadors and community leaders are mothers themselves and have some great advice on how to have fun with the kiddos without sacrificing comfort or style!

Amber says…

“When spending time with my kids, I look for a piece that is easy, light, & comfortable. Comfort is huge; something that doesn't get in the way, or styles that keep hair out of the way. It’s important to secure your piece so little hands don't rip it off when least expected! I prefer wavy styles and fibers that require less maintenance. If around water, a fun easy synthetic won't react to a splash like human hair! However, human hair seems to get less frizzy during a long active day with kids, especially if it has length.”

Lauren says…

“For me, my hair goes up up UP. Between baseball, camp and other activities for my kiddos, I need a style that’s super-fast to do. It’s so easy to twist my hair up into a messy updo and I like keeping my hair off my neck in the summer heat. Secure with a big headband like a Softie Accent and you can even change up your look with fun colors and patterns!”

Mirna says…

“I love the Jon Renau Hat Magic Halo when on the go with the kids! I can plop it on and wear a hat and I’m ready! A wig with a headband is also amazing! Gets the hairs off my face and neck and I don’t have to mess with my hair at all. No need to brush or worry throughout the day because there is no friction on the fibers because it is up in a pony!”


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