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How to beat the heat in alternative hair

Summer has finally arrived! While the change in weather can bring plenty of fun, it can also create some challenges for those who wear alternative hair. Our Education Ambassadors share the best solutions to beat the heat.


Lauren Says…

“I stick with toppers in warmer weather. Since temperatures can climb to 110 degrees where I live, I want to stay as cool as I possibly can. With the added humidity that arrives during the summer months, I find that synthetic hair performs more consistently and does not lose its shape over the course of the day."


Emily Says…

"I like to pick a lightweight topper like Top Smart or Top Style synthetic. I prefer synthetic fiber in the summer because I’m in a more humid climate. With synthetic, you don’t have to worry about frizzing or the sun & heat affecting the color.

If looking for a wig, I go with something light and wefted. I wore Scarlett one summer and Kristen the next.

I have lived through summers before with thinning hair; I had spray-on colored hair fiber & sweat dripping down my face. It was awful and I would pick alternative hair ANY DAY over my thin bio hair in the summer."


Christi Says…

"I like putting my wig on when my hair is wet in the summer to help it stay cooler longer. Both wefted and hand-tied caps are great for the summer; it just depends on what your preference is.

Keep Jon Renau HD Smooth Detangler and a wide tooth comb on hand with you at all times. Also, get a Jon Renau steamer to smooth out the fibers if you get too much heat friction.

I always like to pin the hair away from my face, either with bobby pins, braids or a headband. Also, get a bob hairstyle if you can, to keep hair off your nape. This helped me a lot last summer in 105-degree weather for weeks and weeks."

Mirna Says…

"I prefer to wear shorter styles in the hot weather. I actually bought Carrie in the Spring of 2018 for this reason. She has a wefted cap which is really light and has great ventilation.

I find that pinning the front with bobby pins and getting the hairs out of your face is a great way to stay cool too. Another reason why Jon Renau SmartLace fronts are EVERYTHING.

If I’m wearing a longer style, I try to put the hair in a loose ponytail or braid to keep it off my neck.

I wear wig tape the majority of the time, but when I go to the gym, I prefer to wear a wig grip cap to protect the lace and cap from sweat! It works like a charm and the wig doesn’t move. I add a headband to have extra security, so it really stays put."


These tips will help you stay cool and enjoy your summer without sacrificing style! Do you have any hot weather tricks of your own? Share them with us!

We'll be sharing more tips & tricks from our Education Ambassadors throughout the Summer, so stay tuned!

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