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All About Density

Jon Renau wigs have a light-medium density for the most natural look. The exceptions to this are a few styles that have specifically been designed to have a lower density. Two examples of these low-density styles are Kim, a human hair wig, and Ariana, a synthetic wig.

If you are comparing one wig to another, one may seem to have more density. This is often due to how the hair is applied to the cap.

Here's an example:

Kristen and Kristi are two synthetic wigs with nearly identical lengths and style. However, they have very different cap designs.

Kristen has a Lace Front / Open Cap design, which means the majority of the cap (the top and the back) is constructed with wefts. A weft is a sorted bundle of hair that is sewn together with several stitches to make a single “curtain-like” veil of hair. These wefts are then sewn together in rows to construct the wig.

Kristi, on the other hand, has a Lace Front / Single Monofilament / Hand-Tied cap design. This means that each hair is individually hand-tied onto the cap material, creating the appearance of natural growth!

An advantage of hand-tied caps is that they lay flatter to the head and can have more natural movement than a wefted wig. Because of this, Kristi will seem less full than Kristen.

However, both of these styles weigh about the same (Kristi is 3.5 ounces and Kristen is 3.7 ounces), proving that they have the same amount of hair!