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What Advice Would You Give a New Wig or Topper Wearer?

2017 is almost over and we wanted to take a look at some of the best pieces of advice we received from our Real Women, Real Stories ladies. Check them out!


"Customization and styling! If you can't find a hair piece that matches your look - get it colored. A few touches will transform your piece into an undetectable masterpiece. And a good blow-dry will help your topper blend so much better with your own. Also, don't be ashamed. Wearing alternative hair is fun and basically a dream come true - choosing the hair you always wish you had."  - Kellie, Australia



"My advice to new wig wearers is to have fun with this! Seriously…. I ask my husband each day which “girlfriend” he wants to be with. It’s fun joke that we have because your really can change your look in an instant." - Elena, Connecticut




"Always look for features that add realism to the wig such as a monofilament part or a Lace front hairline. Don't be afraid to invest some money into your pieces. With the right care, they can last you a very long time. " - Rosemarie, Georgia




"I would say that if you are new to alternative hair, and you have hairloss - first of all don't pressure yourself to accept things immediately, and don't feel guilty about any of the emotions you feel. Loss of hair is allowed to be grieved, and your emotions are all valid. It is a tough transition, but there is always support available to you. Remember - you are beautiful! You are!" - Michelle, Scotland



"Take your time, do your research, but also know when to take a break. Hair loss can be devastating, and sometimes you need to take a step back from the "hair world". Finding the absolute perfect solution can become an obsession. And once you do, there are always new styles, colors and constructions to you might end up spending a bit more time and energy on your hair than you want to (just remember to feed the kids, ok?)" - Lauren, Texas


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