The Shag


Jane Fonda introduced it in Klute. Then Farah Fawcett made it angelic. Meg Ryan made it cute. Jennifer Aniston made it “the Rachel.” And today it has taken on a million beautiful variations.

The style in question is, of course, the shag – a versatile, layered hairstyle that can take on any personality, from playful punk to classy professional to glamourous diva.

Straightened and edgy, the shag goes rock star like Joan Jett. Falling in soft curls with side swept bangs, the shag creates Carrie Underwood's carefree, romantic style. Flipped out and textured, the shag has endless hours of perky power, just like the endlessly energetic Lisa Rinna.

Like shag styles, wigs have become an integral part of the celebrity fashion scene because they provide lots of styling options. Short, long, gently waved or dramatically layered, shag wigs offer an especially wide variety of styling possibilities. With one wig, you can be a sweetheart on Friday and siren on Saturday simply by texturizing the tips of the hair with styling product. Plus, with shake-and-go stylability, shag style wigs provide easy beauty on the days you don't have time to experiment.